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Age of Empires

Americans For Common Cents  

Ancient Coin Images  

Ancient Coin Vault    

Ancient Roman and Greek Coins FAQ  

Ancient Roman Coins  

ARS Numismatica  

Bank of Canada Papermoney

Bankers India

Banknotes of Lithuania  

Barnsdale, David

Bass Jr. Foundation, Harry W.

Bearers of Meaning  

Bebee Collection  

Bellum Catilinae

Bimetallic Standard

Binion Collection

Birds on Banknotes  

Bosnian Rulers, Seals & Coins

British Coinage & Tokens

Byzantine Coinage

Byzantine Coins

Campi Numismatic Index

Canadian Coin Reference Site

Canadian Coinage, Chronology of Events in the History of

Canadian Coins, Designs in

Canadian Paper Money & Chartered Bank Notes

Casa de Moneda de Bolivia

Casa de Moneda de Mexico

Celtic Coinage

Central Bank of Cyprus Banknotes

Chechen Republic Banknotes

Chinese Coins & Charms

Chinese Coin & Charm Images

Clayton, Tom

C-Net Internet Coin Project

Coin Coalition

Coin Collecting FAQ

Coin Collecting for Beginners

Coin Collecting Guide

Coin Collector Index

Coin Connoisseur

Coin Directory

Coin Facts

Coin Gallery Online

Coin Market Slang

Coin Site

Coinage of Imperial Russia


Coins and Banknotes of the British Mandate of Palestine

Coins and History of Asia

Coins and History of the Medieval Levant

Coins and History of Tranquebar

Coins and Paper Money of the Baltic Countries

Coins from Famous People in History

Coins From RSA

Coins from Sri Lanka

Coins of Colonial and Early America

Coins of Syracuse

Coins of the UK


Colombian Silver Cobs

Colonial Coins of India & Ceylon

Colonial Currency

Columbus O. Civil War Tokens

Complete Silver Commemorative Coins of Finland

Consumer's Guide To Investing and Collecting U.S. Currency

Consumer Alert: Investing in Rare Coins

Copper Coins

Currencies of the World

Czech Coins

Danish Coins  

Davies, Roy, Numismatics

Design in Canadian Coins  

Dollar of 1804  

Error World

Estonian Banknotes

Euro Coin Catalogue

Euro Coins (Russian)

Euro Collectors and Swappers Forum

Euromaster Numismatics

Fatcoins World Coins

Fears' Jersey Coin Page, H.K.

Forgotten South African Currency

FRBSF American Currency Exhibit

French and English Royal and Medieval Coins

Friends of the Segovia Mint

Full Horn Buffalo Nickel Club

Gallery Mint Museum ScrapBook

German Inflationary Notgeld

Get Lost Magazine

Glen's Banknote Page

Gold Eagle

Greek Banknote Directory

Grifter: Coins and History of Asia

Hasfam Coin & Currency Links & Resource Guide

History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day

Hong Kong Banknotes

Impero On the Web

Indian Currency Collection

Indian Heads Gallery

Irish Coins and Banknotes

Kernunnos Group


Lanka Coin Page

Leslie Brock Center for the Study of Colonial Currency

London Banknote and Monetary Research Centre

Magna Graecia Coins

Metals Used in Coins and Medals


Money in North American History


My Coin Collecting

National Numismatic Collection

New Polish Coins and Banknotes

Nickel Arts Museum

Noot, Arthur E., Numismatics

Novanumis Coin Page

Numi: Catalogue of Circulating Euro




Numismatic Dimensions

Numismatic Entomology

Numismatic Network Canada


Numismática de Hoy

Numismatica On Line

Numismatica 2000


Old Bonds and Shares

Old Coin

Old Japanese Coins

Pacific Exchange Rate Service

Paper Money Dictionary

Parthian Empire

Patterns to Production

Penny Page

Perspectives in Numismatics

Philippine Guerrilla Money

Physicists on the Money

Polish Coins and Banknotes


Rare Chinese Coins

Rediscovering Gold

Repository of Charlie Karukstis

Ron's Currency, Stocks & Bonds

Rotated Die Coin Census

Russian Coins (In Russian)

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

Sanford, John

Scanning Coins

Scottish Banknotes and Coins

Scrolls from the Dead Sea - Coins

Singapore Portrait Notes


Society of US Patterns Collectors

South African Paper Money Museum

South Dakota Bison

Spanish Coins on American Notes

Strong Numbers

Studium Magazine

Studying and Collecting the Coins of Rome

Taste of the Ancient World

Treasure Shop

Uinta Currency



Virtualie Mucenieki

Worldwide Numismatics



Age of Empires - Jankovsky Coins
The site provides photos and history of U.S. Coinage from 1700's to date: also European Gold Coinage of the 1800's.
Discover a huge catalogue of coin, bank note, and stamp resources with this search site dedicated to the numismatic community.
Ancient Coin Vault
Educational ancient coin site with message boards and a public coin gallery. Free site. Members can create a gallery for their collection. Cleaning and identifying FAQ's and more. And access to free public ancient coin auctions.
Coin Collecting for Beginners
Tips and resources on starting a coin collection, geared to beginners of any age.

Coin Directory
AlltheCoins makes coin dealers, resources, clubs searching more of the Web easier by returning the best results.
CoinResource is a comprehensive site dedicated to promoting numismatics and the coin collecting hobby. The site includes a coin site directory, coin site awards, articles, coin photo guide, news, coin show guide, coin books, and other numismatic information.
This site was developed in an effort to pull together information on all United States copper coinage. We include everything from patterns to two-cent pieces. The site includes a chat area, bibliography and die variety information. Much of the site is still in development.

Georgia Obsolete Currency
A site dedicated to the study and listing of all known Georgia Obsolete Currency. Anyone with notes not listed is encourged to forward information and if possible images of the notes. I am willing to travel to scan notes for any collector that does not have the means to furnish images.

Hasfam Coin and Currency Links & Resource Guide
The purpose of this site is to offer a map to information, to provide a way to find information regarding coins, exonumia and currency.

Images of U.S. Type Coins
The following "virtual type collection" is a collection of coin images downloaded from a variety of web sites such as on-line auctions, dealer coin sites and ANA archives. While the quality is variable most are good and several outstanding images of rarities are included. Examples include the 1796 small eagle half dollar and 1808 quarter eagle. The collection is complete except for ongoing state quarter issues. Enjoy at your leisure and download any images of interest.

Indian Head Gallery and Reference Page
Website dedicated to the beauty of mint state Indian cents, including pages devoted to design history, grading, rarity by date, varieties, and errors. Countless quality images of high-end examples, many of which are finest known.
Dedicated to everything related to the collecting of early United States copper coins, with an emphasis on Large Cents.

Link Gate
Find Coin and Stamp resources at Your Gateway to the World Wide Web!
My Coin Collecting
Resource with general information about coin collecting and coin values. Provides information about rare coins, values and price guide, how to articles on photography, as well as storage.

Directory of online resources pertaining to rare coins, paper money, tokens, and medals, with emphasis on bibliographic-related sites, associations, and mints. Other numismatic directories are also listed.

RCC Users Coin Image Gallery
Users of RCC (the newsgroup rec.collecting.coins) have contributed images of their favorite coins. This diverse and interesting collection of coins represents the broad interests of the participants. For a greater appreciation of coins and a chance to join in many interesting coin-related discussions, check your newsgroup listings for rec.collecting.coins.

Rob's VAM Pages
Detailed information on silver dollars, specifically Morgan and Peace Dollar die varieties known as VAMs.

Talk Coins .com
Directory to top coin collecting web sites.

The 1883/2 Shield Nickel
Lots of information about 1883/2 shield nickels, including detailed pictures. The 1883/2 shield nickel is a very frequently misunderstood coin - please visit this web site before buying one!

Type Set Building Methods
This article is my attempt to share my experiences of collecting U.S. type coins. As a collector of moderate means I can give an overview of collecting strategies, pitfalls and guidelines for assembling a beautiful collection with annual expenditures of $2000 or less.

1892 - 1915 Barber Half Collection with Images
This is a web site set up to document a Barber Half collection. It includes a grading section on how to grade Barber Halves and also has many high quality scans to view. There are also other links of interest to collectors.


Annam And Its Minor Currency
Online identifier of Vietnamese cash coins, plus a famous Toda's catalog itself.
182.500 pages and 130.000 pictures of Ancient coins, French royal and Feudal, French moderns, World coins, Banknotes, Euro, books, e-shops.
Authenticates and produces scientific reports on British milled coins. I also produce the biannual web-based "Counterfeit Coin Newsletter".

Coins and Banknotes of Vietnam and French Indochina
All kinds of money used in Vietnam and French Indochina. From sycee to MPC, from ancient cash to polymer banknotes. Thousands of scans. Articles. Books. Links. Other resources. Buying and selling.
Coins From RSA
Rare Coins and Tokens From South Africa (1815 - 1902). is an online catalog of coins, tokens, medals, and other numismatic items associated with the Republic of Panama and the Canal Zone. It is still under construction but already has several hundred entries with illustrations and historical background.

Dan's Coin Collecting Information Center
Thousands of pictures of coins. Searchable indexes of Ancients, world, US coins and tokens. Also contains coin ID info, fakes and reproductions, and a virtual coin shop with items available for sale.

Euro Coin Catalogue
Everything about euro coins (divisional & commemorative), euro mint sets, euro starter kits, euro introduction stamps, euro patterns, euro deviations, variations & errors, euro mintage, euro rolls & bags.
Euromaster Numismatics
The first on-line catalog about euro coins. Pictures, descriptions, mintages, variations, circulating and commemorative coins...  Free monthly newsletter. Swap opportunities.
Guernsey Numismatics Home Page
Coins and banknotes of the islands of Alderney and Guernsey in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, English Channel Islands.

Jerusalem Through Coins
Ancient Jewish coins: Tour Israel and ancient Jerusalem's history and numismatic past -- illuminated by ancient biblical and Judaean coins. 

Macuquina, Silver Cobs
Cobs, called macuquinas in Spanish, are a crude style of hand hammered coins, struck in Spain and Spanish America. This is a reference site for those cobs that were made in the Spanish territory of what is now Colombia. These coins are typically crudely made irregular shaped pieces, it is this style that makes them intriguing, along with the fact that they are lore from the Spanish conquest of America.
Numi: Catalogue of Circulating Euro  
Numi is the Euro Catalogue in which you´ll find photos, descriptions, mintages, emissions … of every euro (regular or commemorative) in circulation at European Union.

In Spanish. Free Numismatic Catalog . Resources. Bibliography. Programs. Forum. Links. Selected links to the best numismatics webs in Spanish language.
Strachan and Company Trade Tokens
South Africa's unknown currency of the 1800s. The full story.

The Elongated Coin Collection
The site provides elongated coin machine locations, books, articles, collector clubs, links to other collectors' sites, and a personal image gallery.

Tibetan Numismatic Homepage
Website with photos and extensive information on Tibetan coins.

Turtles and Tortoisses on Papermoney & Coins
Lists worldwide coins and papermoney depicting turtles and tortoises.

Your online source for the Jefferson nickel series.
WildWinds DataBank of Ancient Coins
The WildWinds DataBank is a resource for the research, attribution and valuation of ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins. As of January 2002, there are over 25,000 individual entries, with images and online auction results for each. The user may browse by Sear number, by ruler, city-state, or family name, or use the comprehensive graphical search engine. There is also a "Price Trend Tracker" that can be used to summarize sales of a user-defined set of coins. 











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