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Real news about REAL money.

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Links to Official Organizations, Producers, Sites dealing with precious metals and gold and quote providers.
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The Goldenbar Report
Offers an analysis of the global equity, commodity, bond, and currency markets for investors seeking investment and trading opportunities across a wider spectrum of assets than just equities - with a focus on gold and the US dollar.

Ideal Gold is a precious metals trading company based in Bucks in the United Kingdom. Our primary objective is to provide the general public with the best prices for precious metals available in today's market. Our products include gold and silver in the form of bars and bullion coins and also gold backed securities.
International Precious Metals Institute

Japan Gold Metal Association

Jay Taylor's Gold & Technology Stocks
An analyst's newsletter of junior gold mining, resource, and environmental stocks and companies.

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Ole Bear
Vintage Pianofortes, Bullock Appraisal, the subscriber based Bastille Day Report, and ęBattle Plan Portfolio Analysis to Protect your stock portfolio and your bank and lending portfolio while Gambling on Wall Street and making Blitzkrieg Lending Loans in the Global Lender Monopoly Game.




Sharefin's Lair
Over 16,000 links to websites, articles and charts pertaining to gold, precious metals & global sharemarkets - free lease rates & COT charts. Mega links on all things alternative and self-sufficiency - internet links plus lots more.
Simplify Gold Stocks
The only on line virtual classroom for learning about gold mining investments.

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U.S. Geological Survey's Minerals Information: Gold  

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