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Why Advertise Online With Gold Stock Center?

Online advertising extends an advertiser's integrated marketing communication campaign into a vibrant new medium.  Put simply, online advertising creates a presence on the Internet, allowing advertisers to reach their target audience though an additional communication medium that is rapidly growing - it complements the entire marketing communications mix.  If your investors/ shareholders are on the web, you should also be there as an advertiser.  Furthermore, investors are using the internet more and staying longer.  By incorporating an online component into your marketing mix you will stay closer to your investors throughout the marketing cycle - from initial brand awareness right up until the actual point of investment.

By extending advertising onto the internet, a company can reach its investors and enhance its relationship with them in an interactive environment.  It offers advertisers another medium of reaching audiences, many of whom cannot ordinarily be reached through traditional media.

The internet is creating actively engaged investors making the online medium not only a necessary but a truly exciting and relevant way in which to communicate with your investors/shareholders.  It is the only medium which truly offers a two way, engaging and active interaction between investor and brand, thereby enabling you to bring your brand to life in new, interactive and memorable ways.

Furthermore, utilizing the online medium means you can influence investors at the right time.  Right when they are in an active mindset, wanting to find out more, make comparisons and/or buy.

In summary, the online experience is created with the participation of the investor and therefore can put you closer to your investors than any other medium and therefore as part of an integrated media strategy, online marketing will play a significant role in increasing the momentum in which your investors travel through the marketing cycle.

Facts & Figures

A nationwide survey of 1,424 experienced internet users, conducted by Anderson Consulting, found that online banner advertisements were the best medium for driving buyers to online stores, almost twice as effective as newspaper or magazine ads. 

Ad Medium

Percent Who Mentioned

Online Banner Ads
Newspapers or Magazine Ads
Television Commercials
Radio Spots


Of Advertising With Gold Investor News

Gold Stock Center is the world's most read daily gold stock investment news source online.  Gold Stock Center is read by a highly targeted and focused group of well educated, affluent online gold stock investors and professionals.  Our readers are mainly serious investors that want timely, up-to-the-minute news from this investment sector.  Gold Stock Center is considered by many as the premier online news source for this investment community.
Gold Stock Center has garnered worldwide acclaim, receiving numerous online awards, top rankings and "Best On The Web" accolades, and has been highlighted in numerous international publications including 'The Washington Post' and 'NewsBytes'.

Gold Stock Center is the #1 ranked 'gold stock' web site on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AllTheWeb and many more international search engines (as of 03/04). 
Gold Stock Center offers dynamic, multi-faceted campaigns to guarantee your advertising and marketing goals.  Gold Stock Center will work together with you to develop a effective marketing campaign to not only increase traffic to your website but more importantly to build brand awareness, relay important news, communicate product features and benefits, alert visitors to investment opportunities and much more.  Gold Stock Center goes beyond mere standard banner advertising to offer "Boom Box" advertisements, the internet's answer to print advertising's full-page ad, as well as highly responsive integrated content, advertorials, company profiles and much more. These advertisement features and enhancements are only available through Gold Stock Center.
Gold Stock Center is a high-traffic, gold stock specific investment website. Unlike other broad based, so-called 'gold-related' web sites that deal with the entire metals futures market, the bear and bull markets, the dollar and/or the entire mining industry, Gold Stock Center covers one very specific investment sector exclusively, gold stocks.  Our dynamic advertising packages combined with our highly focused audience makes advertising on the Gold Stock Center web site the most cost-effective advertising solution, via online or print media, today.

How To Get Started

To advertise on the  premier gold stock investment news publication online, read by thousands of gold stock investors every day, contact Mr. Oliver Neufeld, at Gold Stock Center's Canadian office by mail or email at:

Gold Stock Center
Advertising & PR Department
762 King Street East
Hamilton, Ontario L8M 1A6 CANADA

Email:  advertise@goldstockcenter.com



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